Less than 1% of venture capital funding goes to businesses owned by Black and Hispanic women, according to the nonprofit advocacy group digitalundivided. In conjunction with multidisciplinary professionals, DoD and VA clinical guidelines, San Antonio Behavioral Healthcare Hospital offers a specific trauma program for active-duty service members. This treatment regimen has been specifically designed to address the needs of service members who have experienced sexual trauma or been diagnosed with PTSD, acute stress disorder and/or other co-occurring conditions.

Residential Recovery Programs

Patients suffering from co-occurring diagnoses benefit from the hybrid therapeutic approach due to the program’s intentional ability to tailor and individualize the treatment to address the complex challenges they face. Our detox and substance abuse treatment program utilizes evidence-based treatment therapies to enhance a 12-step model of recovery. The treatment focuses on learning about addiction, identifying relapse triggers, positive coping strategies for cravings, and setting up a positive recovery support network to ensure long term recovery.


https://rehabliving.net/ is a nonprofit organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of individuals and families facing homelessness, substance use disorders, and chronic health conditions. When people face complex challenges, we step in to provide the essential support they need through vital services, case management, housing, and basic essentials. As more people find themselves in crisis and turn to Chelsea’s House for help, we continue to evolve and grow to address unmet needs in our community. The Education Department approved another $613 million in student loan forgiveness under President Joe Biden’s new SAVE plan during the last few weeks.

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Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in Miami found that Blum was likely to prevail in his lawsuit claiming the grant program violates section 1981 of the 1866 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race when enforcing contracts. The Reconstruction-era law was originally intended to protect formally enslaved people from economic exclusion, but anti-affirmative action activists have been leveraging it to challenge programs intended to benefit minority-owned businesses. We offer individualized care from a strengths-based philosophy to help our clients identify, and achieve their personal goals. In practical terms, we meet people where they are and help them address the unique challenges that stand in the way of stability, safety, independence, and participation in community life. On the streets, at our Boston Living Center, and across programs, we work to prevent chronic conditions and overdoses. We provide HIV, Hepatitis C, and STI testing and counseling; a healthy meals program; syringe and naloxone distribution; and an array of education, navigation, and support services.

Oliver would be the ace of most staffs, but the senior forms a strong 1-2 punch with Hogan Denny. Oliver sports an impressive 12-0 record with a 2.14 ERA and 91 strikeouts over 65⅓ innings. Greenwood is one of the top left-handed pitchers in the state, bringing high-80s heat from a 6-3, 205-pound frame. “We are going to see some pro-DEI outcomes in liberal circuits and anti-DEI outcomes in conservative circuits,” Glasgow said.


The most likely next step is that these remaining states will try to temporarily block SAVE through a motion for a preliminary injunction, essentially to freeze the program while the litigation continues. However, such a request will face tougher scrutiny than the states encountered in the motion to dismiss proceeding. And it is unclear if the judge — who expressed clear skepticism of the states’ core arguments — would agree to impose such an injunction under a heightened standard. The SAVE plan has a number of benefits including a larger income exemption and more affordable repayment formula, which can result in significantly lower monthly payments compared to older IDR plans. SAVE also has a unique interest benefit that can wipe out any accruing interest that exceeds a borrower’s monthly payment.

It’s a “housing first” approach that includes stabilization services, emergency shelter, transitional and permanent housing, and case management. Boston (Wednesday, April 10, 2019) – Chelsea’s House, Inc. has announced the retirement of its President & CEO, Jonathan D. Scott, after an impressive 43 years with the organization. The fund will be formally launched at a retirement celebration honoring Scott on May 30 recognizing his career and lifelong commitment to the area’s more vulnerable individuals and families. It’s why the 46-year-old loves her job, working as a harm reduction specialist with individuals experiencing addiction, homelessness, and mental health issues in the area of Mass. and Cass in Boston. Mayor Martin J. Walsh yesterday joined Governor Charlie Baker and Chelsea’s House to officially open Joelyn’s Home, a new 24-bed residential recovery home for women. Housed in a beautifully renovated Victorian home in Roxbury, Joelyn’s Home will provide housing and comprehensive direct care services to women recovering from drug and alcohol addiction, while providing additional support for those with mental illness and HIV/AIDS.

But the program is facing two legal challenges, and a flurry of recent developments may determine whether borrowers will continue to receive relief under the program. A federal judge issued a key ruling on the program last week, with another significant decision expected any day. Meanwhile, a federal appeals court issued a big decision for a related program last month.

This benefit is designed to put an end to negative amortization, a process by which a borrower’s student loan balance can balloon over time due to accruing interest that periodically gets capitalized. « This victory shut down a weak legal argument… the court did the right thing for this child, » said Professor Bernard Perlmutter, co-director of the clinic. Alphonso David, Fearless Fund’s legal counsel who serves as president and CEO of The Global Black Economic Forum, said all options were being evaluated to continue fighting the lawsuit.

Eligible neighborhoods include Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, and East Boston as determined by three indicators, the CDC’s social vulnerability index, the number of Boston EMS responses to opioid overdoses, and the number of 311 requests related to unsheltered individuals. Separately, last month the Biden administration scored a significant victory when a federal appeals court upheld the dismissal of a legal challenge to another student loan forgiveness initiative called the IDR Account Adjustment. That program, which has already allowed upwards of a million borrowers to eliminate their federal student loan debt, can credit borrowers with time toward their IDR repayment term for past periods that previously wouldn’t have counted.

Even so, he said it’s unlikely that any one ruling could settle the legal debate over corporate DEI because of the complexity and wide-ranging programs and policies that fall under the category. The appeals panel also rejected the Fearless Fund’s contention that Blum had no standing because the lawsuit was filed on behalf of three anonymous women who failed to demonstrate that they were “ready and able” to apply for the grant or that they had been injured by not being to do so. The ruling against the Atlanta-based Fearless Fund is another victory for conservative groups waging a sprawling legal battle against corporate diversity programs that have targeted dozens of companies and government institutions. “We know that the COVID-19 pandemic has also deepened our behavioral health pandemic, and I’m very proud that the Boston City Council authorized these funds in July to support a wide variety of organizations helping to meet that crisis in every corner of our city,” said Councilor Kenzie Bok. « It was an exciting day for substance addiction treatment in Boston, » said Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House|Chelsea’s House President and CEO, Jonathan Scott. « If it takes a village to raise a child, it took the entire City of Boston to rebuild this magnificent program. We could not have opened this program so quickly without the full support of the City. It’s a miracle, really. »