However, if you fail to inform your employer early enough and cause difficulties such as scheduling issues, then it could leave your boss upset. Important family events such as weddings or graduations warrant time off with proper notice. Most employers will understand the need to attend these gatherings, so let your supervisor know as soon as possible that you’ll be away. Remember, there’s a reason why most employers offer both sick days and paid time off (PTO). One accommodates illness, while the other allows you to call out for much more personal reasons.

  • The truth is that there are plenty of valid reasons to miss work.
  • If you eat something bad and get sick afterward, it’s completely normal to call out of work.
  • If leaving it vacant for the day is an option, it’s still going to put extra pressure on your team.

To wrap up, here are a couple of mistakes to avoid and bad reasons for calling out of work. First, you never want to say anything that suggests you failed to plan ahead or that you didn’t let them know promptly. Don’t give a reason that sounds like it’s something you would have known about days before. Always think to yourself about how the excuse sounds before you call in on short notice. Ask yourself, “Does this sound realistic that I’d only be finding out at the last minute?

Bonus tip: Stay off social media

Well, taking days off back-to-back over unreasonable issues isn’t good. Trying to do two things at once can often result in not doing either well. If you are feeling up to it, it is probably best for you and your company that you stay home and get better rather than go into the office.

  • When you work remotely, issues like bad weather, your car not starting, or feeling ill won’t necessarily impede your efforts to work from a home office.
  • Other employers don’t really care, and they know that employees use sick day leaves for other reasons.
  • Alternatively, you can say the same for people who need to get to their doctor’s appointments.
  • Your next reason to get out of work could be that you intended to go to the office and were on your way, but were met with an accident.

This means you’ll have to tell more lies in the future, which isn’t great. If you have a pet and they are unexpectedly injured or fall ill, calling in at the last minute to attend to them isn’t a bad reason for calling out at the last minute. Just be prepared that, depending on policies, your company may ask for proof, such as a note from a vet’s office. You may say that they need to go to the hospital for a health check-up, hence the need to take a day off work.

Tips for giving an excuse

That way, you can make sure that calling out won’t cost you your job. In some cases, not calling in could be a health or safety issue for you or other employees. As a result, it can be better to call out last-minute than put others at risk.

what are some good reasons to call out of work

On the other hand, they might not be so sympathetic when staff members start taking random time off, especially if it occurs on a routine basis. It’s always best to say that you aren’t feeling well versus using a fake reason just for playing hooky. Then you can always suggest working remotely until you feel well enough to return to work in the office. Employers have changed their policies dramatically about this. Flexibility is one of the top benefits that Generation-Z and Millennials appreciate in the workforce.

You need to care for a sick pet

Tell them your car didn’t start in the morning and you are bringing it into the shop. Since you don’t have a method to get to work, you can request to stay home and take the day off. Issues happen, and things that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong no matter what day it is. If you own a house (or rent), you know that household issues are a fairly common occurrence and a great excuse to leave work a few minutes early.

  • Taking care of kids (or a spouse or partner) when they’re sick can feel like a full-time job in and of itself.
  • These excuses can be used whenever you have to make difficult calls to inform your boss that you will be out for the day.
  • But if you find that your night shift precedes an immediate morning shift, you can use this to get out of the night shift.
  • Inform them about how many days you need to take off and what kind of help you should receive.
  • Severe weather can prevent you from commuting or knock out your internet connection.
  • Any major tasks that require my attention will be completed remotely as far as possible.